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Warning: Mostly BETA

Create your own LAN Panic! puzzle. Here's how:
  1. Install the LAN. With the "Install" button checked, select a hardware type and click anywhere on the grid. With the "Rotate" button checked, you can rotate a piece of hardware by clicking on it. When done, all hardware should be connected. (No red broken links.)

  2. Prepare the Panic. Use the "Rotate" button to scramble the orientation of your LAN hardware.

  3. Tell your Friends. Enter your name, the name of your puzzle, the par of the puzzle (how many turns it should take to solve), and use the "Create Link" button below to generate a link that will display your LAN Panic puzzle. Also feel free to use our chicklet on your own website:

  4. Claim your Fame. If you think your level is cool enough for the whole world to see, email me the link. I might just put it in the Hall of Fame.

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Action: Rotate Install