Don't Panic! You have just been hired as the Network Engineer of a large corporation. Your predecessor left a mess of the Local Area Networks (LAN) in every office across the country. You get to clean up the mess he left behind. Your boss refuses to invest in wireless equipment, so grab that spool of ethernet cable and get to work!

How to Play: Click on a piece of hardware (including cable) to rotate it. The color red shows a piece of hardware isn't connected. You will save the LAN when all hardware has a connection to the server. Solve a puzzle to reveal the next one.

Game On! When you have solved all of the official LAN Panic! puzzles, try your hand at custom puzzles built by other players, in the LAN Panic! Puzzle Hall of Fame.

Spread the Panic. Create your own crazy networks with the LAN Panic! Editor. We make it easy to cook up your own puzzles and send a link to your friends.

News and Updates. Find out when new features and levels are added on News and Updates, which is driven by RSS 2.0 :